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Window and Door Refurbishment

We can repair and respray all window and door frames, both internally and externally.  We have worked on a number of projects including building refurbishments as well as shop rebranding and domestic clients who wish to change the colour of their windows and doors.

The pictures to the right hand side show a project that was a new build.  When the windows and doors were installed it was realised that they were the wrong colour.  CMR Specialists were asked to repsray these to the architects specification changing the RAL colour.  A PVF2 paint was used.

The building to the left hand side was undergoing a complete refurbishment.  The window and door frames were in poor repair.  CMR Specialists were asked to repair and respray the full facade as part of the building upgrade.  A RAL colour was picked by the design team and a PVF2 paint was used.

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