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Cladding Repairs - During Construction

Panels can be easily damaged during construction and they can be costly to replace.  We can repair all types of architectural panels whether its Kingspan micro ribbed panels, Eurobond composite wall panels or other brands including Euroclad, Paroc and Tegral.

Typical Damage

Cladding can be damaged post construction when signage is removed.  Drill holes are left in the panels.  We can repair these drill holes and respray the affected area. Other forms of common panel damage is machinery driving into panels during the general course of business. 

Tenants and landlords often have contractual agreements in place for industrial and commercial buildings when a rental period is due to end. We can restore the building back to its’ pre-rental condition for either party.





CMR Specialist Repair has close relationships with retail park landlords and retailers, making good cladding panels following removal of redundant signage.  This can either be part of a general refurbishment project/dilapidations, or following removal of unauthorised banners etc.

If required, we will work around your opening hours to ensure minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations whilst we carry out the re-painting.


Our company provides comprehensive cladding repair, cladding paint spraying/refurbishment across Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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